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Why Polished or Venetian plasters?

Polished plaster (or Venetian plaster) is a term used to describe a whole range of Italian decorative plaster finishes – from the very highly polished to the rugged look of textured plasters. Polished plaster is mainly used internally, on walls and ceilings, to give a premium surface finish that looks like polished marble, travertine, or limestone.

At Xcelcis we work with you to understand your surface finish requirements. We have created a comprehensive product offering but set it out in an easy to understand form to help take the pain out of understanding and comparing the multitude of product offerings on the market. We then select the most appropriate product from the multitude of specialist suppliers and install the product to meet your exacting requirements.

polished plaster

We have four standard polished plaster product categories

Flat Marmorino
A very versatile product that mimics a ceramic wall tile and creates a marble effect plaster. Some examples below.
polished plaster
A light grey no vein polished with clear wax
polished plaster
A blue heavy vein polished with silver wax
polished plaster
A beige medium vein polished with a clear wax
Mineral Marino
This mineral product is left with a rustic unpolished finish. 3 colour examples below.
polished plaster


polished plaster


polished plaster


Layered Marmorino
This layered product can be combined with multiple colours and polished with a variety of different waxes. Examples below.
polished plaster
2 layer black with bronze wax
polished plaster
4 layers bronze/ grey with a clear wax
polished plaster
6 layer grey with pearl wax
Mirror Marmorino
This marmorino product is polished to create a glossy reflective surface. Examples include.
polished plaster

Blended blue & turquoise

Bright pink
polished plaster
Bright blue

Bespoke finishes

Should you have require something that is not covered by our standard product categories, please contact us to discuss a bespoke finish.

Sample design service

Please contact Xcelcis to discuss how our product sample service can support you in determining the preferred surface finish for your project.